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A place you build the ingredients of the universe

At the tip of your fingers is the power to fuse together the elements most vital to life.
Fight antimatter, battle gravity and solve a puzzle that troubled humanity for centuries - how to bend matter to our will!

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photo of Sam Woolf

Sam Woolf


Sam is a coder with a background in video editing and animation. He enjoys using different media to explain and communicate science. This app has been his first attempt at creating an educational game. You can find more of his work at www.samwoolf.net.

photo of Nathan March

Nathan March


Anything that looks 'chemically' is probably because of this guy. Nathan learned the mysteries of chemistry at university, gaming from his PC and programming from Mr Woolf.

photo of Rob Andrews

Rob Andrews

UI Design

Rob’s a designer and UX bloke. He loves vector graphics, animating sprites and noodling about with synths & arpeggiators – all of which is occasionally useful.

photo of Zhe Wu

Zhe Wu

Sound Design

Zhe Wu is a sound designer who normally works on TV and film. She also happens to be Sam's girlfriend, which is quite handy.